Aims & Objectives

  • Aims at the quality education,pursuit of excellence and upto date knowledge in all the fields of life.
  • Propagates patriotic,social and ethical values for a responsible citizenship.
  • Ensure physical,mental and spiritual growth of the students and creates in them thirst for learning.
  • Enlarges the mental horizon and broadens the outlook of the mind through training and developing in them sense of co-operation,mutual understanding,team spirit and social services.
  • Creates youthful energies to be properly channelized towards socially approved creativity,activity and self realization.
  • Thus the students are encouraged to strive after excellence in every field,to be clear and firm on principles,courageous in action and to be unselfish in the service of their fellow men.Every student is helped to develop within himself a sense of self-respect,freedom,justice,quality and a scientific attitude.